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Orson Pratt Brown - Ancestors

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Women of the Mormon Battalion - Auxiliary logo
"Fresh Courage Take" by Ardith Oddous
Left Behind "Fresh Courage Take"


Wives and Daughters of the Soldiers, 1846-1848

Compiled by Lucy Brown Archer


The need to assist the U.S. Army in the Mexican War was seen by Brigham Young as an opportunity to obtain some desperately needed financial help from the U.S. Government. The wages of the enlisted soldiers and laundresses provided the means for the driven and care-worn Saints to buy wagons, teams, and supplies for their western trek. The men who mustered out at great sacrifice to their wives and families left them to fend for themselves in covered wagons and makeshift shelters during the winter of 1846. The women listed below are some of the wives and daughters who carried on alone through the many hardships of survival in a makeshift community of huts, snow, hunger, cholera, opppression, mud, and Indians.

ADAIR, Harriet Cordelia WILLIAMS Spouse: Wesley George John ADAIR (1820-1903) md. 1850
Spouse: Rufus BEACH (1795-1850) md. 1846 on Plains near Ohio
b. 10 Nov 1829 Rochester, Monroe, New York
d. 7 Nov 1907 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
Parents: Daniel Randall WILLIAMS & Mary AYERS

ADAMS, Susannah SMITH Spouse: Orson Bennett ADAMS 1815-1901 md 20 Mar 1836 KY
b. 30 May 1819 Grayson County, Kentucky: as nurse and laundress for Company C
d. 23 Jan 1892 Harrisburg (or Leeds) Washington, Utah
Parents: Anthony SMITH & Sarah MAHURIN (later md. Priddy MEEKS 1795-1886)

ALEXANDER, Nancy Reeder WALKER Spouse: Horace Martin ALEXANDER
b. 8 Dec 1817 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio: wife of soldier in Company B
d. Parents: Oliver WALKER & Nancy CRESSY

ALLEN, Maria (Marcia) ALLEN Spouse: Alburn (Albern) ALLEN md. 1826 Hartwick, Otsego, New York
b. 6 Nov 1804 Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut: family of soldiers in Company A
d. 25 Dec 1866 Kanarraville, Iron, Utah
Parents: Gideon ALLEN & Rachel HAND
Parents of: Rufus C. ALLEN (Ricketts, p.99) Company A
ALLEN, Rebecca MYERS Spouse: Franklin ALLEN 1818-1890 md. Sep1841
b. 29 Jul 1824 Worthington, Richland, Ohio; family of soldier in Company B
d. 15 Feb 1885
Parents: Jacob MYERS & Sarah COLEMAN

ALLEN, Sarah Beriah FISKESpouse: Ezra Healy ALLEN 1814-1848
b. 1 Sept 1819 Potsdam, St. Lawrence , New York; family of soldier-musician Company C
d. 12 June 1891 Logan, Cache, Utah
Parents:  Vernum FISKE & Sarah EAMES

ALLRED, Lucy HOYTSpouse: Reddick Newton ALLRED 1822-1905
md.26 Nov 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois;
b. 26 Mar 1824 Booneville, Onondaga, New York; family of Quartermaster Sgt. Company A
d. 3 Jan 1907 Spring City, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: James HOYT & Beulah SABIN

AVERETT, Cherizade GRIMES Spouse: Elisha AVERETT
b. 27 Jun 1812 , Henderson, Kentucky
d. 1 Jan 1896 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona
Parents: Stephen GRIMES & Elizabeth HENSLEY

AVERETT, Holla Jane TINGLESpouse: Jeduthan Hardy AVERETT 1816-1902 md. 11 Aug 1836 Marion, Perry, Alabama (div); md (2) Samuel James EDWARDS 15 Mar 1857 Parowan, Utah (div); (3) Daniel Zarababel THOMAS 8 Apr 1863 Springville, Utah, Utah
b. 15 Apr 1818 Ribbsville, Bibb, Alabama: family of soldier in Company D
d. 27 Sep 1893 Springville, Utah, Utah
Parents: Josiah P. TINGLE and Elizabeth from Alabama md. 1816

AVERETT, Sarah Jane WITT Spouse: Elisha AVERETT 1810-1890
md. 19 Jan 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 1 Feb 1821 McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois; family of musician-soldier in company A
d. 31 Dec 1875 Heber City, Wasatch, Utah
Parents: Robert L. WITT & Dorcas WILLIS

BABCOCK, Amy Ann MARBLESpouse: Lorenzo BABCOCK 1823-1906
md. 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 14 Feb 1826 Huntsburg, Geauga, Ohio; family of soldier in Company C
d. May or Sep 1862 Warm Creek, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Nathaniel MARBLE & Mary "Polly" KING

b. 20 Apr 1821 , Highland, Ohio
d. 18 Apr 1898
Parents: Augustus RICHARDS & Frances Lee (Fanny) DAGGETT

BARGER, Fereba Smith FROSTSpouse William Harrison BARGER 1812-1858 md. 15 Jun 1837 Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa; md (2) Reverend John E. Beatty 8 Feb 1862 possibly in Nebraska.
b. 17 Sep 1818 Knoxville, Know, Tennessee; family of soldier in Company D
d. 13 Apr 1900 Weeping Water, Cass, Nebraska
Parents: McCaslin FROST & Peninna SMITH

BINGHAM, Caron/Karen Happuch HOLLAWAY Spouse: Thomas BINGHAM
b. 4 May 1830 Mosco, Marion, Alabama
d. 18 Jan 1915 Vernal, Uintah, Utah
Parents: John Daniel HOLLADAY & Catherine Beasley HIGGINS

BINGHAM, Olive Hovey FREEMAN or FAREWELLSpouse: Erastus Bingham Jr. 1822-1906
md. 29 Oct 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 8 Jan 1820 Waterford Caledonia, Vermont; family of soldier in Company B
d. 22 Jul 1905 Lewisville, Teton, Idaho
Parents: Isaac Farwell FREEMAN & Lydia FARR (aunt of Lorin FARR)

BLISS, Mary Ann PAINE Spouse: Robert Stanton BLISS 1805-1851
md.1833; sealed 29 Jan 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 23 Mar 1811 or 1812 Hamilton, Madison, New York
Parents : Samuel Langdon PAINE Sr. & Eunice HALL
"Mary Belnap Paine and her husband Samuel Langdon Paine, Jr., a clerk working with the Trustees appointed to remain behind in Nauvoo and administer the affairs of the Church following the exodus, never rejoined the main body of the Church."--http://www.belnapfamily.net/org/gilbert.html
BRAZIER, Sarah O. LUFF Spouse: Richard BRAZIER 1793-1883
md. 1820 in England; sealed 10 Dec 1850 SLC
b. 24 Feb 1790 North Higham, Sussex, England; family of soldier in Company E
d. aft 1846
Parents: -------LUFF &

BROWETT, Elizabeth HARRIS Spouse: Daniel BROWETT 1813-1848
md. 2 Jun 1842 Sandhurst, Gloucestershire, England (he was murdered at Tragedy Springs, Sierra Mts, CA)
b.16 Jun 1813 Sandhurst, Gloucestershire, England; as family of soldier in Company E
d. 4 Mar 1899 Kaysville, Davis, Utah
Parents: Robert HARRIS & Sarah OAKEY

BROWN, Abigail SMITH (ABBOTT)Spouse: Captain James BROWN
md. 8 Feb 1846
b. 11 Sep 1806 Williamson, Wayne, New York; family of officer in Company C
d. 23 Jul 1889 Willard, Box Elder, Utah
Parents: James SMITH & Lydia Lucina HARDING

BROWN, Esther Jones (ROPER) Spouse: Captain James BROWN
md. 20 Nov 1842
b. 17 January 1811 Lyman, Sportanburg, Surrey County, North Carolina
d. 6 October 1898 Ogden, Weber, Utah; family of officer in Company C
Parents: John JONES & Ester FISHER

BROWN, Sarah Sally STEADWELL Spouse: Captain James BROWN
md. 10 Jan 1845
b. 31 March 1814 Genoa/Chester, Cayuga County, New York
d. 18 March 1893 Trenton, Cache County, Utah; family of offiicer of Company C
Parents: Abram STEADWELL & Rebecca SHEFFIELD

BROWNELL, Melissa Cynthia CALL Spouse: Russell Gideon BROWNELL 1818-1895 (died in Fresno, Fresno, California)
md. 24 Mar 1846
b. 29 Mar 1830 Madison, Geauga, Ohio; family of officer in Company C
d. 31 Aug 1888 Madison, Geauga, Ohio
Parents: Cyril CALL & Sarah TIFFANY
(Photo in Maynes, page 77)
BROWNING, Elizabeth Caroline Wier Clark Spouse: Johnathan BROWNING
b. 3 Mar 1817 Taylorsville, Patrick, Virginia
d. 22 Jun 1890 Ogden, Weber, Utah
Parents : John Norman CLARK & Eliza Branch SANDIFER

BULKLEY, Jane DRAPERSpouse: Newman BULKLEY 1817-1893
md. 7 Jan 1844 at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 7 Jun 1825 Loughborough, Frontenac, Midland, Ontario; family of soldier of Company E
d. 27 Dec 1883 Springville, Utah, Utah
Parents: Thomas DRAPER Jr. & Lydia ROGERS (Jane is the niece of Phebe DRAPER)
(Photo of Jane & Newman in Maynes page 81)

BUNKER, Emily ABBOTTSpouse: Edward BUNKER 1822-1901
md. 9 Feb 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 19 Sep 1827 Dansville, Livingston, New York; family of soldier in Company E
d. 8 Feb 1913 Panguitch, Garfield, Utah
Parents: Stephen Joseph ABBOTT & Abigail Smith

BURT, Janet CRAIGSpouse: William BURT 1810-1891
md. 17 Dec 1830 Wick, Caithness, Scotland.
b. 6 Apr 1813 Staxigoe, Wick, Caithness, Scotland; family of soldier in Company C
d. 8 Nov 1871 Smith Street, Dalry Ayrshire, Scotland
Parents: William CRAIG & Susannah JEFFERS
Their son William Craig BURT was born 11 Feb 1832 in Scotland; died 23 Aug 1902 SLC, Utah.

b. 14 Jul 1822 , Washington, Ohio
d. 15 Apr 1888 Annabella, Sevier, Utah

CALDWELL, Barzilla GUYMON Spouse: Matthew CALDWELL (1822-1912) md. 17 Oct 1843 Carthage, Hancock, Illinois
b. 31 Dec 1823 West Nashville, Jackson, Tennessee
d. 7 Nov 1869 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Thomas GUYMON & Sarah GORDON
(Photo of both, Maynes page 90)

CALLAHAN, Lucinda AUSTIN SHIPMANSpouse: Thomas William CALLAHAN 1812-1889
md. 1837; md (2) Johnathan CAMPBELL Dec 1850 SLC.
b. 23 Dec 1822 Athens, Leeds, Ontario, Canada; family of soldier in Company B
d. 24 Jul 1896 Rigby Jefferson, Idaho
Parents: Daniel SHIPMAN & Olive LEE; Stepparents: Agnes NICOL & William AUSTIN

CAMPBELL, Charity FULLER Spouse: Jonathan Nelson CAMPBELL(1822-1886)
md.Sep 1833
b. 26 Jan 1816 Ridgebury, Bradford, Pennsylvania
d. Sep 1846 Winter Quarters (Florence), Douglas, Nebraska
Parents: Abial FULLER & Rachel CAMPBELL

CANFIELD, Clarissa Lora JONES Spouse: Cyrus Culver CANFIELD 1815- md. 9 Dec 1841
b. 6 Jul 1815 Richland, Oswego, New York; family of officer in Company D
d. 27 Nov 1892 West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents: Horace JONES & Laura UNDERWOOD
(Horace Benson Jones & Laura Underwood Carter - question from Steve Stenbro <stevestenbro@hotmail.com> to my gmail 3/24/2008 "I am  looking for Horace Benson Jones whose father was Dr. Yearsley Jones and whose Grandmother was Susannah J.Underwood.")

CARTER, Hannah PARKER Spouse: Richard Harrison CARTER 1820-1846
md. 11/29/1840
b. 24 Jun 1822 Parsonfield, York, Maine; family of soldier in Company B
d. 12 Apr 1852 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; left 4 young children.
Parents: Samuel PARKER & Mary B. TRUEWORTHY

CASPER, Sarah Ann BEAN Spouse: William Wallace CASPER 1809-1908
md. 29 Aug 1844 Quincy, Adams, Illinois; family of soldiers in Company A
b. 31 Oct 1828 Quincy, Adams, Illinois
d. 24 Apr 1882 Winder Ward, Millcreek, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents: James BEAN & Elizabeth LEWIS

CATLIN, Elizabeth Marilla EMERYSpouse: George Washington CATLIN 1818-1898
md. 16 Nov 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
b. 27 Dec 1825 New Albany, Bradford, Pennsylvania; family of soldier in Company C
d. 5 July 1850 Pottawattamie, Iowa
Parents: Abner EMERY & Anna Lee

CAZIER, Frances Elizabeth LE MASTERSpouse: John CAZIER 1821-1890
md. Feb 1843 Lovington, Moultrie, Illinois
b. 10 Feb 1826 Robertson or Montgomery County, Tennessee; family of soldier in Company E
d. Jan 1898 Belgrade, Gallatin, Montana
Parents: Lemuel LEMASTER & Frances HOOPER

CHURCH, Sarah Ann ARTERBURYSpouse: Haden Wells CHURCH 1814-1875
md. 19 Dec 1844 Perry County, Alabama
b. 4 May 1824 Dallas, Dallas County, Utah; family of soldier in Company B
d. 29 July 1889 St. George, Washington, Utah
Parents: Elias ARTERBURY & Matilda Malinda WALLACE

CHRISMAN, Mary "Polly" WILLIAMS Spouse: X. Peter CHRISMAN (1805-1835 or 1842)
md. 21 May 1824 (should not be on this list)
b. 2 Jan 1807 Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky
d. 4 Jun 1887 Panguitch, Garfield, Utah
Parents: Rev. William WILLIAMS & Elizabeth // WILLIAMS

CLARK, Buelah Ann ROGERSSpouse: Lorenzo CLARK
md. 3 Nov 1830 Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
b. 19 Apr 1805 Fairhaven, Rutland, Vermont; family of officer in Company A
d. 9 Jan 1885 St. George, Washington, Utah
Parents: Ambrose ROGERS & Sarah "Sally" BULLARD

COLEMAN, Mary REEVES Spouse: George Moroni COLEMAN (1817-1846) md 1840 Hartland, Niagra, New York; recorded death Dec 18, 1846 from dysentery, short distance from Turley Ranch, near Pueblo, Colorado. His wife Mary Reeves Coleman, and son Moroni Coleman, entered Salt Lake Valley in 1852. Mary married her sister Ann Eliza's widower, Joseph Godfrey in 1857.
b. 6 Aug 1820 West Newark, Essex, New Jersey;
d. 1 Mar 1885 Park Valley, Box Elder, Utah
Parents: James REEVES & Eunice MANNING

COLLINS, Mary Jane MayberrySpouse: Robert H. COLLINS

COX, Eliza ROBERTS Spouse: John COX
b. Jun 1816 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
d. 1890 Oxford, Franklin, Idaho
Parents: Samuel ROBERTS & Mary (Margret) MARGRATE

COX, Philena MORLEY Spouse: Amos COX
b. 2 Oct 1813 Kirtland, Lake, Ohio
d. 18 Mar 1894 Shenandoah, Fremont, Iowa
Parents: Isaac MORLEY & Lucy GUNN

CUMMINGS, Pheby Jane FERGUSON Spouse: George Washington CUMMINGS
b. 21 May 1815 Plattsburg, Chittenden, Vermont
d. 5 Nov 1902Millville, Cache, Utah

CURTIS, Catherine Adelia HAIGHT Spouse: Dorr Purdy CURTIS
b. 28 Nov 1820 Windham, Greene, New York
d. 29 Apr 1866
Parents: Caleb T. HAIGHT & Keturah HORTON

DAVIS, Angeline Spouse: George SCOFIELD 1819-1875
md 28 Jul 1844
Angeline & George remained in Pottawattamie County, Iowa with their 6 children until his death.
Her son Ira Scofield took her to California where she died in 1911.
b. 8 May 1828 Cambria, Niagara, New York
d. 23 Jan 1911 Pomona, Los Angeles, California
Parents: Captain Daniel Coon DAVIS Sr. & Sophronia FULLER

DOBSON, Caroline // MURDOCK (Mrs. Daniel Murdock 1800-1842)
Spouse: Joseph DOBSON 26 Aug 1804-1872
md. 14 Jan 1844 Nauvoo (http://earlylds.com/familygroup.php?familyID=F9534&tree=Earlylds)
b. 2 Oct 1804 (LDS - Nauvoo Marriage Record, Nauvoo Restoration Incorporated, recorded 20 Jan 1844)

DYKE, Mary Ann FORNEY Spouse: Simon DYKE
b. 22 Feb 1824 Massillon, Stark, Ohio
d. 16 Jul 1879 Anderson, Fremont, Iowa
Parents: Johann Karl FORNEY & Mary M. (Polly) BENNER

FIFIELD, Sarah SMITH Spouse: Levi Joseph FIFIELD b. 12 Dec. Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire 1803; d.16 Aug 1851 Ogden
b. 28 March 1828 Windsor, Bridge, Kent, England
d. 1855
Parents: Thomas Smith & Ellen // SMITH
(Fifield md. 10 Sep 1827 Amy Tracy d. 26 Jan 1845)

FORNEY, Christianna ETTLEMAN Spouse: Frederick FORNEY
b. 6 May 1822 , Stark, Ohio
d. 5 Jul 1912 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa
Parents: Phillip ETTLEMAN & Catherine CLAPPER

FORNEY, Clara Ann ETTLEMAN Spouse: Frederick FORNEY
b. 26 Sep 1819 , Stark, Ohio
d. 31 Dec 1893 Hubbell, Thayer, Nebraska
Parents: Phillip ETTLEMAN & Catherine CLAPPER

FREEMAN, Mary BINGHAM Spouse: Elijah Norman FREEMAN
b. 1 Apr 1820 St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont
d. 25 Sep 1893 Ogden, Weber, Utah
Parents: Erastus Willard BINGHAM & Lucinda GATES

FROST, Mary E. (Sarah)(Sephrena) Spouse: Lafayette McCullers FROST (1825-1847)
(see if relationship to Parley Parker Pratt, etc.)
b. aft. 1825

GOODWIN, Elizabeth WIMMER Spouse: Andrew Jackson GOODWIN
b. 1824 New Castle, Henry, Indiana
Parents: Peter WIMMER & Elizabeth SHIRLEY

GORDON, Sophia JORDAN Spouse: Gilman GORDON
b. Sep 1824 Sharon, Schoharie, New York
d. Oct 1899 Magnolia, Harrison, Iowa

GRIBBLE, Adelia Maria CLEMONS Spouse: William GRIBBLE 1817-1866
md. 25 Aug 1836 (div before 1 Jun 1851 when she married Daniel W. Perkins)
b. 14 Oct 1820 Bastard, Leeds, Canada
d. 1902 Marysville, Fremont, Idaho
Parents: Simeon CLEMONS & Lydia CHAMBERLAIN

GULLY, Jane Jones FRILICK Spouse: Samuel GULLY
b. 22 Jun 1801 Newbarn, Craven, North Carolina

GULLY, Ovanda FULLER Spouse: Samuel GULLY
b. 27 Jan 1822 Providence, Saratoga, New York
d. 24 Dec 1856
Parents: Edward Meeks FULLER & Hannah Elizabeth ELDRIDGE

HANCOCK, Clarissa REED Spouse: Levi Ward HANCOCK
b. 18 Dec 1814 Acworth, Cheshire, New Hampshire
d. 17 Jan 1860 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

HARRIS, Hannah Maria EAGLES Spouse: Robert HARRIS
b. 10 Jun 1817 Hucclecote, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, England
d. 29 Sep 1888 Portage, Box Elder, Utah

HOFHEINS, Mary Ann Elizabeth STEVENSON Spouse: Jacob HOFHEINS
b. 25 Dec 1819 Washington, District of Columbia
d. 8 Oct 1884 Levan, Juab, Utah

HOWELL, Sarah (Sally) (STEWART or STUART) Spouse: Thomas Charles Davis HOWELL
b. 15 Jan 1815 Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee
d. 10 Oct 1886 Clifton, Franklin, Idaho
Parents: Samuel STUART & Ann WALLACE

HULET, Anna (WHITMER) SCHOTT Spouse: Sylvester HULET
b. bet 1800 and 1802 Of Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts
d. 1866 Fayette, Seneca, New York

IVIE, Amanda Jane MOORE Spouse: Thomas Celton IVIE
b. 12 May 1824 Georgetown, Brown, Ohio
d. 18 May 1863 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Andrew MOORE & Rebecca CURRY

IVIE, Elizabeth DOBSON Spouse: Richard Anderson IVIE
b. 12 Apr 1825 West Roseville, Or New Roseville, Butter, Ohio
d. 7 Jan 1909 Scipio, Millard, Utah

JUDD, Lisania FULLER Spouse: Hirum JUDD
b. 25 Jan 1828 Cambria, Niagara, New York
d. 17 Oct 1917 Burley, Cassia, Idaho

KENNEY, Hannah Gott NICHOLS Spouse: Loren Edward KENNEY
b. 21 Mar 1812 Eddington, Penobscot, Maine
d. 10 Aug 1879

KING, Sarah Ann JEWELL Spouse: John Morris KING
b. 5 Mar 1814 Bowman, Dutchess, New York
d. 11 Nov 1873 American Fork, Utah, Utah

b. 14 Aug 1818 , Leeds, Ontario, Canada
d. 16 Nov 1904 Payson, Utah, Utah

b. 28 Mar 1816 Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
d. 27 Apr 1859
Parents : Thomas CLAYTON & Ann CRITCHELY

MCCARTY, Mary Jane MORRIS Spouse: Nelson MCCARTY
b. 11 Apr 1818 Kirtland, Lake, Ohio
d. aft 1893 Ogden, Weber, Utah

MCCULLOUGH, Clarinda Altania BARTHOLOMEW Spouse: Levi Hamilton MCCULLOUGH
b. 4 Jun 1815 Dryden, Tompkins, New York
d. 12 Jul 1847 Winter Quarters (Florence), Douglas, Nebraska

MCINTYRE, Roxannah BROWN Spouse: William Ludlow MCINTYRE
b. 20 May 1810 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
d. 2 Mar 1890
Parents: Jesse BROWN & Roxanna GRANT

MYLER, Julia Ann BROWNELL Spouse: James MYLER
b. 12 Feb 1826 Greene, Hamilton, Ohio
d. 26 Jan 1899 Lewisville, Jefferson, Idaho
Parents: Gideon BROWNELL & Elizabeth 'Betsy' WHEELER

NOWLIN, Amanda THOMAS Spouse: Jabus Townsend NOWLIN
b. 23 Dec 1827 Fayetteville, Richmond, North Carolina18
d. Jan 1909 Wellsville, Cache, Utah
Parents : Henry J. THOMAS & Esther THOMAS

OYLER, Elizabeth SPURGEON Spouse: Melcher OYLER
b. 12 Sep 1813 , Washington, Indiana
d. 27 Mar 1891Cameron, Nez Perce, Idaho
Parents: Jesse SPURGEON & Lydia BRAZELTON

PIXTON, Elizabeth Cooper Spouse: Robert PIXTON
b. 8 Feb 1820 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
d. 20 Mar 1904 Taylorsville, Salt Lake, Utah

RAYMOND, Clarissa (Clarinda) CUTLER Spouse: Alonzo Pearis RAYMOND
b. 9 Jan 1827 Oswego, Oswego, New York
d. 24 Sep 1862 Smithfield, Cache, Utah

RAWSON, Martha (Mariah) ATCHINSON Spouse: Daniel Berry RAWSON
b. abt 1827 bef 1849

REED, Mary CURTIS Spouse: Calvin REED
b. 15 May 1821 Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania
d. 3 May 1888 Logan, Cache, Utah
Parents: Nahum CURTIS & Millicent WAITT WATT

RICE, Louisa BUSENBARK Spouse: Asaph RICE
b. 25 May 1827 Romulus, Seneca, New York
d. 13 May 1885 Spring Valley, Lincoln, Nevada
Parents: Isaac Jerimiah BUSENBARK & Abigail MANNING

ROBERTS, Harriet Ann EFFORD Spouse: Levi ROBERTS
b. 16 May 1818 Deerhurst, Gloucester, England
d. 16 Dec 1895 Kaysville, Davis, Utah

b. 15 Dec 1811 , Delaware, Ohio
Parents: John LEONARD & Sarah// LEONARD

RUST, Mary ASPIN Spouse: William Walker RUST
b. 8 Jan 1815

SESSIONS, Lucretia HAWSSpouse: Richard SESSIONS 1799-1879
b. 22 Nov 1802 Logan, Kentucky; family of soldier in Company A
d. 11 Feb 1876 Heber City, Wasatch, Utah
Parents: Jacob HAWS & Hannah NEIL or NEAL

SKEEN, Maria Amanda DOLBY Spouse: Joseph SKEEN
b. 1 Sep 1817 Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania16
d. May 1854 Lehi, Utah, Utah
Parents: Abraham DOLBY & Charlotte // DOLBY

b. 16 Nov 1812 Thornley, Chipping, Lancastershire, England
d. 15 Aug 1902
Parents: William CORBRIDGE & Ellen BOLTON

SMITH, Esther DUTCHER Spouse: Albert SMITH
b. 25 Jan 1811 Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York
d. 17 Sep 1856 Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Thomas DUTCHER & Betsey HURLBURT

SMITH, Margaret ALLEN Spouse: John Glover SMITH
b. 31 Mar 1827 Salem, Salem, New Jersey
d. 15 Apr 1919 Declo, Cassia, Idaho
Parents: James Dickerson ALLEN Sarah Ann HARDY

SPIDELL, Margaret SMITH Spouse: John SPIDELL
b. 15 Aug 1826 Elson, On The Rhine, Wuerttemberg, Germany
d. 13 Mar 1919 Thurman, Fremont, Iowa

b. 17 Nov 1811 Lenox, Madison, New York
d. 2 Nov 1874 Shonesburg, Washington, Utah
Parents: Edmond DURFEE Magdalena PICKLE

ST. JOHN, Geneva Marietta
b. 1824
Parents: Stephen Merrit ST. JOHN & Salley E. STANTON

ST. JOHN, Lydia Clarina
b. 1843
Parents: Stephen Merrit ST. JOHN & Salley E. STANTON

ST. JOHN, Sally E. STANTON Spouse: Stephen Merritt ST. JOHN 1810-1893 md Nov 1829 Clymer, Chautauqua, New York
b. 7 Sep 1809 Whitetown, Oneida, New York
d. Eugene, Lane, Oregon
Traveled to SL Valley with Jedediah M. Grant and Willard Snow Company 1847.
Winter Quarters Second Ward roster lists her as Sally E. (Falley E, Stanton) St. John

THOMPSON, Ann Broyhill CLARK Spouse: John Crow THOMPSON
b. 6 Oct 1821 West Taylorsville, Patrick, Virginia
d. 17 Sep 1872 Ogden, Weber, Utah
Parents: John Norman CLARK & Eliza Branch SANDIFER

TREAT, Mary SAWYER Spouse: Thomas W. TREAT
b. aft 1811
d. bef 1849

WADE, Sarah Maria "Sally" BUNDY Spouse: Moses WADE
b. 13 May 1796 , Otsego, New York
d. 13 Oct 1848 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa

WILLEY, Samantha CALL Spouse: Jeremiah WILLEY
b. 15 Nov 1814 Fairfax, Franklin, Vermont
d. 13 Nov 1905Bountiful, Davis, Utah
Parents: Cyril CALL & Sally TIFFANY

WILLEY, Sarah Ann WARD Spouse: Jeremiah WILLEY
b. 6 May 1810 Stoddard, Cheshire, New Hampshire
d. 26 May 1886 Mendon, Cache, Utah
Parents : Nehum WARD & Silence // WARD

WOOLSEY, Elizabeth Ann HOLDAWAY Spouse: Thomas Ezra WOOLSEY
b. 1809 Pulaski, Pulaski, Kentucky
Parents: (?John Daniel HOLLADAY & Catherine Beasley HIGGINS??)

WOOLSEY, Julia Ann MITCHELL Spouse: Thomas Ezra WOOLSEY
b. 4 Mar 1829 Madina, Madina, Ohio
d. 10 Jan 1896 Manti, Sanpete, Utah

b. 11 Apr 1813 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio
d. 1858/59 Provo, Utah, Utah

"Grace Shall Be Your Day" by Ardith Oddous
Mormon wives and children making the best of their situation.

Notes: There may be more soldiers who left multiple wives. Research and entries not complete.

This could be Mary McRee Black Brown and her son George David Black.


On July 16, 1846 when over 500 Mormon men mustered out at Council Bluffs, Iowa there were around 32 women of which 20 were designated as laundresses for the troops, hired at private's pay, that left with the Battalion on the westward trek. In addition, some of the officers chose to take their families in their own wagons, at no expense to the U.S. government. There were 15 or sixteen families, including 50 or more children and dependents. The females listed below include the laundresses, and the wives and daughters and dependentns of officers. The male children are listed below this section.

This List is in the Order of Last Names at the Time of the March with the Mormon Battalion

ABBOTT, Ruth MARKHAMSpouse: Joshua Chandler ABBOTT 1804-1896,
md. 1834 (div).; (2) md. Elias GARDNER c. 1852.
b. 20 Dec 1810 Salina, Onondaga, New York
d. 13 Sep 1888 Annabelle, Sevier, Utah
Parents: James MARKHAM & Lois LEACH

ADAMS, Susannah SMITHSpouse: Orson Bennett ADAMS 1915-1901;
md. 20 Mar 1836
b. *30 May 1819 Grayson County, Kentucky : as a nurse and laundress for Company C
d. 23 Jan 1892 Harrisburg, (or Leeds), Washington, Utah
Parents: Priddy MEEKS & Sarah MAHURIN

ALLRED, Eliza Bridget MAINWARING or MANWARINGSpouse: James Tillman Sanford ALLRED
md. 23 Nov 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illionois
b. 23 Nov 1821 Presteigh, Herefordshire, England
d. 20 Apr 1866 Circleville, Piute, Utah
Parents: Edward MAINWARING & Margaret NASH

ALLRED, Elzadie Emeline FORDSpouse: Reuben Warren ALLRED 1827-
b. 2 Dec 1827 St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri : as family to a soldier in Company A
d. 14 May 1882
Parents: _______FORD &

BROWN, Eunice REASOR Spouse: James Polly BROWN (1803-1871)
md.19 Feb 1846
b. 4 Mar 1808 Renbrely, Shelby, Kentucky
d. 18 Jul 1858 Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Frederick REASOR & Sarah KESTER

BROWN, Harriet Stanton ST. JOHN Spouse: (1) Daniel BROWN
md. 29 Jan 1846 (div.); md. (2) Hamilton SWARTHOUT 17 Aug 1850 (div); md.(3) John DeWITT 13 Oct 1879 (div); md (4)? Franklin AKERS (or to Charlotte H. Swarthout-Dewitt) md.15 Jun 1889 San Bernardino, California.
b. 7 Nov 1829 Clymer, Chataugua, New York : laundress for Company E
d. 18 Nov 1920 Bakersfield, Kern, California
Parents: Stephen Merritt ST. JOHN & Sally E. STANTON

BROWN, Mary AnnSpouse: ( later md. (1) Warren Stone SNOW 20 Apr 1857
(2) Archibald Waller Overton BUCHANAN 1 Jan 1860)
b. 2 Oct 1842 Greenville, Floyd, Indiana
d. 15 Feb 1901 Glenwood, Sevier, Utah
Parents: James Polly BROWN & Eunice REASOR

BROWN, Mary McRee Spouse: (2) Captain James BROWN 1801-1863
md. 16 Jul 1846 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; (1) George BLACK 1817-1845 md. 19 Dec 1837
b. 17 Oct 1819 Copiah County, Mississippi
d. 6 Nov 1907 Ogden, Weber, Utah
Parents: Charles William MCREE & Mary CORKINS

BROWN, Phebe DRAPERSpouse: (2) Ebenezer BROWN 1801-1878
md. 26 Aug 1842; (1) George PALMER IV 1795-1833 md Oct 1817
b. 9 Oct 1797 Rome, Oneida, New York
d. 28 Feb 1879 Draper, Salt Lake, Utah (city named for her brother William DRAPER)
Parents:  William DRAPER Sr. & Lydia LATHROP

BROWN, Sarah JaneSpouse: later John LOWRY Jr.
md 27 Nov 1851 Manti, Sanpete, Utah
b. 27 Oct 1834 Greenville, Floyd, Indiana
d. 25 Sep 1920 Springville, Utah, Utah
Parents: James Polly BROWN & Eunice REASOR

BUTTON, Louisa M. Spouse: much later, Rueben J. ANDERSON
md. 31 Mar 1861
b. 1842 Newbury, Geauga, Ohio
d. 1868 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: Montgomery B. BUTTON & Mary BITTLES

BUTTON, Mary BITTLESSpouse: Montgomery E. BUTTON
md. 13 Sep 1835
b. 15 Dec 1815 Jomer, Courtland, New York
d. 26 Jun 1896 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: Thomas BITTLES & Ann // BITTLES

md. 6 Feb 1846 Nauvoo
Member of Nauvoo Relief Society; see Mary Jane Mayberry Caribou County farm at Grace.
b. 7 Nov 1819 Of , Hickman, Tennessee
d. 1887 Soda Springs, Caribou, Idaho
Parents : John MAYBERRY & Mary YOUNGER (d. Aug 1878 Hooper, Weber, Utah)

CORAY, Melissa BURTONSpouse: William CORAY 1823-1849
md. 6 Jun 1846 Mt. Pisgah, , (name in many states)
b. 2 Mar 1828 : wife of William Coray; Laundress of Company B
d. 21 Sep 1903 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents: Samuel BURTON & Hannah SHIPLEY

DAVIS, Martha Louella or Lou EllaSpouse: much later, Albert "Bert" Wakefield Sr. 1841-1876,
md. 13 Sept 1868 Harrison County, Iowa.
b. 1849 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: Eleazer DAVIS & Nancy BROWN

DAVIS, Nancy BrownSpouse: (1) Eleazer DAVIS 1826-1898 md. 1845 (div. between 1860-1869); (2) David or John A. SANFORD;
b. 27 Dec 1830 : as family of a soldier Eleazer Davis
d. 19 Feb 1895 Ogden, Weber, Utah, buried at Ogden City Cemetery
Parents: Captain James BROWN & Martha STEPHENS

DAVIS, Susanna MOSES  Spouse: Captain Daniel Coon DAVIS Sr. 1804-1850;
md 4 Mar 1844; (1) Sophronia FULLER 1804-0842 md 1827 Jefferson, Scholarie, New York; he died at Camp 41 miles west of Ft. Kearney, Otoe, Nebraska
b. 16 Feb 1827 Hopkinton, St. Lawrence, New York
Parents: William MOSES & Ruth STODDARD

GRIBBLE, Huldah Sophia SMITH (later TUBBS)Spouse: William GRIBBLE 1817-1866; (div. Aug 1847 - first Utah divorce) (2) William Rockwell TUBBS
b. 28 Jun 1829 : as a laundress in Company D; later to Pueblo in Lt. Willis's Sick Detachment

HANKS, Jane Wells or Wills COOPERSpouse: Ebenezer Joseph HANKS 1815-1884 md. 27 Oct 1839; in Brown Sick Detachment 17 Oct 1846.
b. 4 Oct 1817 Cambridge, Washington, New York
d. bef 13 Jan 1897 Parowan, Iron, Utah
Parents: William H. COOPER &

HESS, Emeline BIGLER Spouse: John W. HESS 1824-1903,
md. 2 Nov 1845
b. 20 Aug 1823 Shinnston, Harrison, West Virginia : as a laundress of Company E
d. 31 Jan 1862 Farmington, Davis, Utah
Parents: Jacob BIGLER & Elizabeth HARVEY

HIGGINS, AlmiraSpouse: John Darwin CHASE
md 17 Feb 1847 near Pueblo, Colorado
b. 28 May 1830 Florence, Huron, Ohio : as family of a soldier
d. 23 Feb 1873 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS, Clarissa Spouse: much later, Joseph McGuire
b. 14 Feb 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
d. 4 Sep 1945 Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS, DrusillaSpouse: later, Warren Stone SNOW
md. 16 May 1855
b. 18 Dec 1833 Florence, Huron, Ohio
d. 10 Feb 1892
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS, Sarah BLACKMAN Spouse: Nelson HIGGINS 1806-1890
md. 24 Dec 1826
b. 5 Apr 1806 Columbus, Chenango, New York : as a laundress of Company D
d. 14 Aug 1864 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Josiah BLACKMAN & Tryphena SMITH

HIGGINS, Wealtha MatildaSpouse: Zimri Hartford BAXTER
md. 8 Nov 1881 St. George.Ut
b. 2 May 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado : as a child born during the march
d. 22 Nov 1949 Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIRONS, Mary Ann JAMESON Spouse: James Pettyjohn HIRONS (Company D then Brown Sick Detach. Hirons md. Sarah Ann IVIE in 1850.) See note on MB Roster - Hirons
b. 13 Sep 1824/25 or 28 Feb 1825 Perry, Richland, Ohio
d. 1846/47 San Diego, San Diego, California
Parents: Charles JAMESON & Mary Ann HEDRICK

HUNT, Celia (Selah) MOUNTS Spouse: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT 1804-1879 md. 1 Dec 1823 Albion, Edwards, Il. (2) md Matilda Jane NEASE 7 Feb 1846 Nauvoo, Il.
b. 18 or 19 Sept 1805 Lincoln, Lincoln, Kentucky
d. 28 Jan 1897 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: Matthias MOUNTS & Mary Polly MONTGOMERY

HUNT, HarrietSpouse: much later, John MAYFIELD 1831-1889,
md. Jul 1859 SLC.
b. 9 Feb 1835 near Albion, Edwards, Illinois : as family of Jefferson Hunt
d. 10 Apr 1918 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS or MOUNCE

HUNT, Julia EllenSpouse: much later, Abram Lafayette BARGER
b. 27 May 1847 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
d. 8 Sep 1932 Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Matilda Jane NEASE

HUNT, MarySpouse: much later, George David BLACK 1841-1913,
md. 16 Sep 1861 Ogden, Weber, Utah
b. 12 Jul 1845 near Nauvoo, Bear Creek, Hancock, Illinois: twin brother Parley Hunt
d. 1 Sep 1930 St. Anthony, Fremont, Idaho
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNT, Matilda Jane NEASE Spouse: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT (second wife)
b. 1 Jan 1827 Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania
d. 22 Oct 1865 Millville, Cache, Utah
Parents: Peter NEASE & Lucinda Ellen MARTIN

HUNT, Jane (Julia) Spouse: later Sheldon STODDARD 1830-1919
md. May 1851 SLC.
b. 1 Oct 1831near Albion, Edwards, Illionois
d. 26 Dec 1899 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, Californina
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNTER, Lydia Ann EDMUNDSSpouse: Captain Jesse Divined HUNTER b. 5 Jul 1806-d. 4/26-1847; he also md (2) Keziah BROWN c. 1828
b. 22 Jan 1824 Hanover Twp, Chautaugua, New York : as a laundress for Company B
d. 27 Apr 1847 Fort Stockton, San Diego, California, shortly after giving birth to son Diego.
Parents: Joel EDMUNDS & Eliza BROWN

b. 21 Oct 1846 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
d. 4 Nov 1846 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado

HUNTINGTON, Fannie Maria ALLENSpouse: Dimick Baker HUNTINGTON
md. 28 Mar 1830
b. 26 Oct 1810 Waterton, Jefferson, New York
d. 14 Dec 1894 Pleasant Green
Parents: Clark ALLEN & Martha THOMPSON
Parents: Dimick Baker HUNTINGTON & Fannie Marie ALLEN

HUNTINGTON, Martha ZinaSpouse: later, Edmund PAUL 1840-1926,
md 16 Jul 1864 SLC
b. 19 Jul 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
d. 3 Apr 1883 Mendon, Cache, Utah
Parents: Dimick Baker HUNTINGTON & Fannie Marie ALLEN

JACOBS, Lucy Ann CHANDLER  Spouse: Henry Bailey JACOBS 1809-1871 or 77
b. 15 June 1819 Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine
d. 24 May 1882 Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine
Parents: Noah CHANDLER & Lucy WEEKS

KELLEY, Malinda ALLISON Spouse: Milton KELLEY
md 10 Jan 1836; he died 4 Nov 1846 at Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado; the family traveled with the Higgins Sick Detachment to Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado ; (2) Robert COVINGTON)
b. 16 Oct 1815 Crawford County, Kentucky; family of soldier in Company A
d. 18 Nov 1881 Circleville, Piute, Utah
Parents: Isaac ALLISON & Jane HUNT

KELLEY, Malinda CatherineSpouse: much later, Benjamin Lamoni ALEXANDER
md. 14 Jan 1864 (see Tyler History)
b. 7 Feb, 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado; father died before her birth
d. 17 Feb 1899
Parents: Milton KELLEY (nephew of Celia & Jefferson Hunt) & Malinda ALLISON

KELLEY, Sarah Ann PRICESpouse: Nicholas KELLEY (enlisted at Council Grove 8/31/1846) Milton Kelley's brother; their son Raymond Parley KELLEY, and dau. Betsy Kelley, accompanied them.
b. abt 1820
Parents: His Parents: Henry KELLEY & Jane Catherine HUNT (Jefferson's sister)

LUDDINGTON, Angeline AdelineSpouse: later, William James BUSH
md. 12 Sep 1864
b. 17 Dec 1844 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illionois
d. 1 Sep 1922 Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho
Parents: Elam LUDDINGTON & Mary Elizabeth CLARK

b. abt 1781 East Haven, New Haven, Connecticut : as family of a soldier
d. c. 1816
Parents: Elam LUDDINGTON & Mary Elizabeth CLARK

LUDDINGTON, Mary Elizabeth CLARK Spouse: Elam LUDDINGTON 1806-1893
b. 24 Jul 1824 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio : as a laundress for Company B
Parents: Sanford CLARK & Jane TIBBITS TUTTLE

b. aft 1830 : as family of a soldier
Parents: ----MAYFIELD & Elizabeth (Trains) FRAIM

MERRILL, Phebe LodemaSpouse: later (1) Parmena or Paremnio Adams JACKMAN 1822-1860; md. 10 Oct 1851; plural wife of (2) Sylvenus COLLETT 1835-1901; md 1864.
b. 5 Aug 1832 Byron, Genessee, New York
d. 18 Jan 1909 Rexburg, Madison, Idaho
Parents: Samuel MERRILL & Phoebe O'DELL

NEASE, Ellen Lucinda Daughter: Peter NEASE and Lucinda Ellen MARTIN
b. 12 Mar 1836 Leachburg, Armstrong, Pennsylvania : as family of Capt. J. Hunt
d. 2 Mar 1882 Minersville, Beaver, Utah

SARGENT or SERGEANT, CarolineSpouse: later, Arvin Mitchell STODDARD 1825-1914
md Jun 1851 Provo, Utah, Utah.
b. 28 Oct 1835 West Liberty, Jackson, Missouri : as family of a soldier
d. 2 May 1905 Milford, Beaver, Utah
Parents: Able Morgan SARGENT Jr. & Sarah "Sally" EDWARDS

SESSIONS, Mary Emeline Caroline Spouse: John SESSIONS (1821-1894)
md. Jul 1846
b. 20 May 1822  Wayne, DuPage, Illinois,: as a laundress of Company A

SHARP, Martha Jane SARGENT or SERGEANTSpouse: C. Norman SHARP 1818-1846 md. Sep 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois; (2) Harley MOWREY 1822-1920 md. 4 Jul 1847, 50 miles SW of Casper, Independence Rock, Natrona, Wyoming.
b. 24 Sep 1827 Floyd County, Indiana : as a laundress for Company D
d. 20 Dec 1920 Vernal, Uintah, Utah
Parents: Able Morgan SARGENT Jr.& Sarah "Sally" EDWARDS

SHARP, Sarah Ellen (adopted by MOWREY) Spouse: much later, Benjamin Marion Clark THOMAS 1843-1914
md 1 Jan 1866 Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho.
b. 28 Nov 1846 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
d. 1 Mar 1937 Roosevelt, Duchesne, Utah
Parents: C. Norman SHARP & Martha Jane SARGENT ( later md. Harley MOWREY)
Norman Sharp b. 10 Sep 1808; d. 24/28 Sep 1846 from a gunshot wound before reaching Pueblo, Colorado. Martha Jane continued to Pueblo with Higgins Sick Detachment where she delivered her baby daughter.

SHELTON, Elizabeth (Fraim) TRAINS Spouse(1) "John" MAYFIELD
md. 1826 Kentucky; (2) Sebert Crutcher SHELTON 1793-1857 d. Petaluma, El Dorado, CA.; md. 7 Jan 1839 McDonough Co, Ill ( Or Elizabeth DUNCAN md. 5 Mar 1838 McDonough Co. Ill..
b. 6 Jan 1806 Jackson, Tennessee : as a laundress for Company D
d. 1866 Macedonia Cemetery, Sonoma, California
Parents: John TRAINS & Sarah
Elizabeth's son, John Mayfield" married Cpt. Jefferson Hunt's daughter, Harriet Hunt July 1859.

SHELTON, Mary (Mariah) Elizabeth
b. 1845 Goldens Point, Hancock, Illinois : as family of a soldier
Parents: Sebert Crutcher SHELTON & Elizabeth (Trains) FRAIM

SHELTON, Caroline
b. aft 1839 : as family of a soldier

SHUPE, Elizabeth Margaret
b. 2 Mar 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado: born on the battalion march
d. 10 Oct 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado.
Parents: James Wright SHUPE & Sarah Coats PRUNTY

SHUPE, Sarah Coats PRUNTYSpouse: James Wright SHUPE 1823-1899
b. 28 Sep 1822 Franklin County, Virginia; laundress of Company C
d. 22 Jun 1865 Riverdale, Weber, Utah
Parents: Robert PRUNTY & Judith FARRIS

SMITH- BURNS, Rebecca BIGELOWSpouse: (1) Elisha SMITH 1798-1846 (Capt. Daniel Davis's teamster) Coray Journal says he died 8 Dec 1846 San Pedro River near Tucson, Arizona;
md (2) Thomas R. BURNS (one record has him as a corporal in Company E left to care for Richard Brazier and others; another account has him on detached service from 10 Nov 1846 to 16 Jul 1847 with Lt. Willis then with 3rd sick detachment to care for Elisha SMITH until his death.  See Thomas Bullock Diary terms Burns as a deserter - returned to Council Bluffs.)
b. 5 Dec 1815 Bibb County, Alabama : as family of two soldiers
d. 3 Mar 1889
Rebecca went with second sick detachment to Pueblo, here she learned of her husband's death.

STEELE, Catherine CAMPBELLSpouse: John STEELE Jr. 1821-1903
md. 1 Jan 1840 ---his diary is under construction on this website
b. 16 Nov 1816 Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland : as a laundress for Company D
d. 15 Jun 1891 Toquerville, Washington, Utah
Parents: Michael CAMPBELL & Mary KNOX

STEELE, Mary CampbellSpouse: much later, Joseph FISH
md. 22 Mar 1859
b. 23 Dec 1840 Northern Ireland
d. 12 Dec 1876 Parowan, Iron, Utah
Parents: John STEELE Jr. & Catherine CAMPBELL

STEELE, Young Elizabeth (named for Brigham Young and Queen Elizabeth) Spouse: much later, James STAPLEY
md. 21 Feb 1864 Tocquerville, Washington, Utah
b. 9 Aug 1847 : conceived on the march; first child born in SL Valley
d. 1 Apr 1938 Hurricane, Washington, Utah
Parents: John STEELE Jr. & Catherine CAMPBELL

WILKIN, Isabella MCNAIR HUNTER Spouse: David WILKIN Jr. 1819-1891
md. 21 Jul 1839
b. 9 Aug 1821 Paisley, High Church, Renfrew, Scotland: as family of a soldier
d. Orangeville, Emery, Utah (?)
Parents: Duncan McNAIR & Isabella "Libby" McGREGOR

WILLIAMS, Albina Marie MERRILL Spouse: Thomas Stephen WILLIAMS 1820-1860 (died at Baker, San Bernardino, CA)
md. 25 Aug 1842; (2) md Lydia PHELPS 1851; (3) md. Percilla MAGDRIG 1854.
Albina is the sister of Philemon Christopher MERRILL 1820-1904;
b. 25 Jul 1826 Byron, Genessee, New York ; family of soldier in Company D
d. 28 Nov 1914 Pocatello, Cannock, Idaho
Parents: Samuel MERRILL & Phoebe O'DELL

WILLIAMS, Caroline MarianSpouse: much later, David Patten KIMBALL 1839-1883; md 13 Apr 1857 in SLC.
b. 24 Apr 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois : as family of a soldier
d. 21 Dec 1917 Thatcher, Graham, Arizona
Parents: Thomas Stephen WILLIAMS & Albina Marie or Mariam MERRILL

WILLIAMS, Phoebe IsabellaSpouse: much later, Hugh Thomas DORAN
b. 15 Jan 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado : born on the battalion march
d. 15 Nov 1880
Parents: Thomas Steven WILLIAMS & Albina Mariam MERRILL

Route to the West 1846-1847



SONS that accompanied their parents on the Mormon Battalion Trek:

BLACK, George David Spouse: Mary HUNT
b. 18 Feb 1841 Copiah County, Mississippi
d. 7 Apr 1913 Wilford, Fremont, Idaho
Parents: George David BLACK Sr. & Mary McREE; stepfather: Captain James BROWN

BROWN, NeumanSpouse: later, (1) Lora Ann TAYLOR md 1852; (2) Jemima Bell PECTOL md 1857; (3) Sarah Geraldine PETTY md 1861.
b. 18 Jul 1830 Greenville, Floyd, Indiana
d. 6 Apr 1879 near Lee's Ferry, Coconino, Arizona
Parents: James Polly BROWN & Eunice REASOR

BROWN, Robert H. Spouse: later, (1) Eunice PECTOL md.1852; (2) Elizabeth Ann Brown TUTTLE md. 1861
b. 11 May 1832 Greenville, Floyd County, Indiana
d. 14 Mar 1877 Orderville, Kane County, Utah
Parents: James Polly BROWN & Eunice REASOR

DAVIS, Daniel Coon Jr. Spouse: much later, Mary Julia BENSON md 24 Dec 1865 Farmington, Davis, Utah
b. 4 Jan 1832 Montrose, Lee, Iowa
d. 5 Oct 1878 Richville, Morgan, Utah
Parents: Captain Daniel Coon DAVIS Sr. & Sophronia FULLER 18 -1842; stepmother: Susanna MOSES md. 4 Mar 1844 Montrose, Lee, Iowa

HIGGINS,  AlfredSpouse: much later, Diantha ALLEN
b. 27 Jul 1831 Florence, Huron, Ohio
d. 1862 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS,  Carlos SmithSpouse: much later, Dorthea CHRISTENSEN (JEPPSEN)md 26 Mar 1862 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah
b. 2 Jan 1842 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
d. 21 Nov 1919 Lava Hot Springs, Bannock, Idaho
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS, Heber KimballSpouse: much later, Sarah Josephine MECHAM md 1 Jan 1866 Utah
b. 4 Sep 1839 Greenplain, Hancock, Illinois
d. 14 Mar 1873 Nephi, Juab, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HIGGINS, Nelson DanielSpouse: Sarah Jane LOWRY md 18 Oct 1855 Manti, Sanpete, UT
b. 9 Oct 1835 Florence, Huron, Ohio
d. 22 Oct 1890 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents: Nelson HIGGINS & Sarah BLACKMAN

HUNT, HyrumSpouse: much later, Emily or Emma KNOWLES (div), (2) md. Sarah Elizabeth HENDERSON
b. 7 Oct 1840 near West Cardwell, Dunklin County, Missouri
d. 25 Dec 1880 Oxford, Bannock, Idaho
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNT, JohnSpouse: (1) Lois Barnes PRATT md. 4 Jul 1857; (2) md Sarah Jane CROSBY md. 18 Mar 1883; (3) Happylona SANFORD md. 19 Mar 1887.
b 9 Mar 1833 near Albion, Edwards, Illinois
d. 1 Jun 1917 Snowflake, Navajo, Arizona
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNT, Joseph Spouse: (1) Catherine Ann CONOVER md 7 Aug 1857 (div); (2) Cynthia Adelaide HAMMER md. 2 Nov 1879; (3) Adelaid BROWN; (4) Adelaide HAMMER.
b. 9 May 1837 Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri
d. 2 Sep 1916 Monticello, San Juan, Utah
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNT, Parley
b. 12 Jul 1845 near Nauvoo, Bear Creek, Hancock, Illinois: twin brother of Mary Hunt Black.
d. 1 Jan 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
Parents: Capt. Charles Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNTS

HUNTER, Diego JamesSpouse:
b. 20 Apr 1847 Fort Stockton, San Diego, California
d. after 1900
Parents: Captain Jesse Divined HUNTER & Lydia Ann EDMUNDS

KELLEY, Raymond Parley
b. 1838
Parents:  Nicholas KELLEY & Sarah Ann PRICE

MAYFIELD, Jackson (see W.D. Kartchner journal and note below)
Parents: -------Mayfield & Elizabeth (Trains) FRAIM (SHELTON)

MAYFIELD, John  Spouse: much later, Harriet HUNT (dau. of Jefferson HUNT & Celia MOUNT) md. Jul 1859 SLC.
b. 29 Sep 1831 Hardin County, Kentucky
d. 27 Apr 1889 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents: -------Mayfield & Elizabeth (Trains) FRAIM (SHELTON)

PALMER, Zemira Spouses: (much later, (1) Sally KNIGHT 1836-1916 md. 1 Dec 1851;
(2) Caroline JACQUES 1841-1877 md. 30 Mar 1856
b. 9 Aug 1831 West Loughborough, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada
d. 23 Oct 1880 Orderville, Kane, Utah
Parents: George PALMER & Phebe DRAPER; stepfather: Ebenezer BROWN

WILLIAMS, Ephraim Thomas Spouse: much later, Anna Caroline Holmes ARCHIBALD
b. 15 Jun 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois: as family of a soldier
d. 28 Apr 1885
Parents: Thomas Stephen WILLIAMS & Albina Marie MERRILL


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Biographies of many of these women can be found in Shirley N. Maynes book, "Five Hundred Wagons Stood Still: Mormon Battalion Wives", 1999. ISBN: 0-9676091-01-

www.lds.org/churchhistory/library/pioneerdetails searched for Sally E. Stanton

Additions, bold, [bracketed], some photos, etc., added by Lucy Brown Archer

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Glenn W. Mayfield (1935-2004) then C. L. Mayfield as Glenn's PROXY

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~mosurnames/M.html :

Jackson Mayfield b March 25, 1850 place ? son of John Mayfield and Elizabeth Bradley 
John Mayfield son of James Emsley Mayfield and Nancy Bradley
Jackson is great, great, great grandson of James MAYFIELD killed at Fort Davidson by the indians he was one of seventy men the first settlers of Tennessee James was born in Amherst Co. Va 1720 the grandson of Robert MAYFIELD b 1620 d 1715 BURIED IN ESSEX CO. VA. 
Jackson MAYFIELD m. Esther Almeda Alice EDMONDSON in Morgan County, Mo,  Oct 25, 1877 

EDMONDSON, Esther Almeda Alice, b May 21, 1856  came to Morgan County Mo with her father and mother when she was 14 in 1870  her parents EDMONDSON, Robert VESTAL, Elizabeth are buried HOPWELL Union Church Cemetary, Moreau Township, Mo.  Mayfield, Jackson and Esther Ameda raised thier family in Camdon County and have many decendents still in the great state of Missouri. 
I am a great grandson of Jackson and Esther Mayfield 

We have a family reunion in Lebanon Mo June 11-17 for imformation e-mail me 



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- (Martha) Miles Romney Brown 1897-1974

- (Martha) Dewey B. Brown 1898-1954

- (Martha) Vera Brown Foster Liddell Ray 1901-1975

- (Martha) Anthony Morelos Brown 1904-1970

- (Martha) Phoebe Brown Chido Gardiner 1906-1973

- (Martha) Orson Juarez Brown 1908-1981

- (Jane) Ronald Galbraith Brown 1898-1969

- (Jane) Grant "Duke" Galbraith Brown 1899-1992

- (Jane) Martha Elizabeth Brown Leach Moore 1901-1972

- (Jane) Pratt Orson Galbraith Brown 1905-1960

- (Jane) William Galbraith Brown (child) 1905-1912

- (Jane) Thomas Patrick Porfirio Diaz Brown 1907-1978

- (Jane) Emma Jean Galbraith Brown Hamilton 1909-1980

- (Elizabeth) (New born female) Webb 1893-1893

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Webb Brown Jones 1895-1982

- (Elizabeth) Marguerite Webb Brown Shill 1897-1991

- (Elizabeth) Donald MacDonald Brown 1902-1971

- (Elizabeth) James Duncan Brown 1904-1943

- (Eliza) Gwen Skousen Brown Erickson Klein 1903-1991

- (Eliza) Anna Skousen Brown Petrie Encke 1905-2001

- (Eliza) Otis Pratt Skousen Brown 1907-1987

- (Eliza) Orson Erastus Skousen Brown (infant) 1909-1910

- (Eliza) Francisco Madera Skousen Brown 1911-1912

- (Eliza) Elizabeth Skousen Brown Howell 1914-1999

- (Angela) Silvestre Gustavo Brown 1919-

- (Angela) Bertha Erma Elizabeth Brown 1922-1979

- (Angela) Pauly Gabaldón Brown 1924-1998

- (Angela) Aaron Aron Saul Brown 1925

- (Angela) Mary Angela Brown Hayden Green 1927

- (Angela) Heber Jedediah Brown (infant) 1936-1936

- (Angela) Martha Gabaldón Brown Gardner 1940


- Stephen Abbott Brown 1851-1853

- Phoebe Adelaide Brown Snyder 1855-1930

- Cynthia Abigail Fife Layton 1867-1943

- (New born female) Fife 1870-1870

- (Toddler female) Fife 1871-1872


- (Martha Stephens) John Martin Brown 1824-1888

(Martha Stephens) Alexander Brown 1826-1910

(Martha Stephens) Jesse Stowell Brown 1828-1905

- (Martha Stephens) Nancy Brown Davis Sanford 1830-1895

(Martha Stephens) Daniel Brown 1832-1864

(Martha Stephens) James Moorhead Brown 1834-1924

(Martha Stephens) William Brown 1836-1904

(Martha Stephens) Benjamin Franklin Brown 1838-1863

(Martha Stephens) Moroni Brown 1838-1916

- (Susan Foutz) Alma Foutz Brown (infant) 1842-1842

- (Esther Jones) August Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Augusta Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Amasa Lyman Brown (infant) 1845-1845

- (Esther Jones) Alice D. Brown Leech 1846-1865

- (Esther Jones) Esther Ellen Brown Dee 1849-1893

- (Sarah Steadwell) James Harvey Brown 1846-1912

- (Mary McRee) George David Black 1841-1913

- (Mary McRee) Mary Eliza Brown Critchlow1847-1903

- (Mary McRee) Margaret Brown 1849-1855

- (Mary McRee) Mary Brown Edwards Leonard 1852-1930

- (Mary McRee) Joseph Smith Brown 1856-1903

- (Mary McRee) Josephine Vilate Brown Newman 1858-1917

- (Phebe Abbott) Stephen Abbott Brown (child) 1851-1853

- (Phebe Abbott) Phoebe Adelaide Brown 1855-1930

- (Cecelia Cornu) Charles David Brown 1856-1926

- (Cecelia Cornu) James Fredrick Brown 1859-1923

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Sarah Brown c. 1857-

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Augustus Hezekiah Brown c. 1859


- (Diane Davis) Sarah Jane Fife White 1855-1932

- (Diane Davis) William Wilson Fife 1857-1897

- (Diane Davis) Diana Fife Farr 1859-1904

- (Diane Davis) John Daniel Fife 1863-1944

- (Diane Davis) Walter Thompson Fife 1866-1827

- (Diane Davis) Agnes Ann "Aggie" Fife 1869-1891

- (Diane Davis ) Emma Fife (child) 1871-1874

- (Diane Davis) Robert Nicol Fife (infant) 1873-1874

- (Diane Davis) Barnard Fife (infant) 1881-1881

- (Cynthia Abbott) Mary Lucina Fife Hutchins 1868-1950

- (Cynthia Abbott) Child Fife (infant) 1869-1869

- (Cynthia Abbott) David Nicol Fife 1871-1924

- (Cynthia Abbott) Joseph Stephen Fife (child) 1873-1878

- (Cynthia Abbott) James Abbott Fife (infant) 1877-1878


- (Diana) Caroline Lambourne 18461979

- (Diana)  Miles Park Romney 1843-1904

- (Jane) Emma Sarah Bodily 1858-1935

- (Jane) William Wilkie Galbraith 1838-1898

- (Elizabeth) Alexander F. Macdonald 1825-1903

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Atkinson 1841-1922

- (Eliza) Anne Kirstine Hansen 1845-1916

- (Eliza) James Niels Skousen 1828-1912

- (Angela) Maria Durán de Holguin 1876-1955

- (Angela) José Tomás Gabaldón 1874-1915












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